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Dental Implants

The loss of one or more teeth reduces the aesthetic appearance of the smile and causes premature ageing of the face (accentuated wrinkles, sunken cheeks, etc..). It affects the remaining teeth, gums and jaw bone, and reduces the effectiveness and pleasure of chewing, therefore affecting the digestive system and the whole body.

The dental implant is the modern and ideal solution to replace a tooth.

The dental implant is an artificial root made out of titanium. The implant is placed in the bone and replaces the natural root. Once integrated in the bone, a crown is installed over the implant to imitate the natural tooth, improving the function and appearance of the mouth. The dental implant also prevents neighboring teeth from shifting, as well as gum and jaw problems.

With dental implants, you will get the stability, efficacy, beauty and confidence of natural teeth!

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