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Jaw (TMJ) and orofacial pain treatment

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Does your jaw hurt? Does it click, pop, or lock? Do you have chronic headaches? Do you have face, neck, or shoulder pain? Do you feel stressed? Has the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic added to your stress?



Take this QUIZ NOW:

Do you suffer from:

  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches (morning, afternoon, or evening)
  • Soreness or pain in your face, neck, shoulders.
  • Jaw fatigue, tightness
  • Jaw noise (such as clicking or cracking)
  • Jaw popping or locking
  • Difficulty, soreness, and limitation in your mouth opening or closing
  • Teeth clenching or grinding (Bruxism)
  • Cracked or broken teeth *Biting your tongue or cheeks
  • Burning tongue or mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Ear congestion, pain, noise (ringing, tinnitus)
  • Other headaches

Did you answer “yes” to 1 or more symptoms?
Are these symptoms affecting your personal, work, or social life?
Dr Rita Issa can help you find relief, and finally get back your well-being and quality of life!!
As an empath, Dr. Issa will take her time to listen to you, so she can diagnose and properly identify the causes of your pain and discomfort.

She will then establish the most efficient and least invasive, personalized treatment plan for you, to help you finally regain your well-being and improve your quality of life.

Dr. Issa has completed many continuing education trainings and residencies in Canada and the USA, so she can efficiently treat TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) and orofacial pain (such as headaches, and ear, face, neck, and shoulder pain). She uses the latest and safest technologies, as well as a multi-disciplinary approach according to your needs, and which includes different medicine specialists (such as ENT, neurologist, pulmonologist, rheumatologist, etc…) or different therapists (such as physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, massage therapist, etc.. ), so you can finally break this vicious circle of living with pain, in which you have been trapped for days, weeks, months, or maybe even years.

Do not wait any longer!
You deserve a pain-free life!
Get rid of your pain NOW! Get your life back TODAY!
Dr Issa is here to help you.

Call her NOW at [450] 979 7626.