Dentures Over Implants




Dentures Over Implants


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Conventional Dentures

After the loss of one, a few, or all teeth, a partial or complete prosthesis (partial or full denture) is made to replace the missing tooth or teeth. The partial or denture can be made with acrylic or metal and acrylic. The partial or denture gives back the chewing function as well as a beautiful smile.

In the case where the partial or denture is not very stable, implants are recommended to further stabilize it and improve chewing, as well as reduce wrinkles of the face and restore the beautiful smile. Dental financing makes the partial or denture affordable to all.

Dentures Over Implants

The loss of teeth affects the appearance of the face as well as everyday life.

The jaw bone loses volume and the cheeks and lips miss support. The face feels older: the nose and chin become closer and move forward, the skin wrinkles and the lips fold inwards and become thinner.

A regular denture gives back up to 25% of the chewing function, while an implant-supported denture (2, 4, 5 or more implants, as needed) re-establishes the chewing function up to 100%.

Dental implants insure the stability of the denture and improve the quality of life. You will:

  • Eat what you like without limiting yourself: apple, bread, steak, corn, etc…
  • Taste better: since the palate is cleared from the acrylic that is no longer necessary for the stability of the prothesis
  • Improve your social life: you will be able to talk, sing, whistle, laugh and kiss freely and confidently

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